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CCTV Security Cameras for Comprehensive Visual Surveillance

Having a CCTV system installed has many benefits, allowing you to monitor every aspect of your property, from viewing who visits, distinguishing disturbances, monitoring deliveries to observing the comings and goings of family members, staff, and contractors. Giving you peace of mind for the security of your building, data, and possessions as well as the safety of your family, and employees.


With the advancing technology, CCTV Systems have become much more affordable for homes and businesses alike. There are countless different systems available on the market ranging from low-risk DIY systems found in local stores to high-risk systems intended for public spaces. Understanding which system, you need to monitor the comings and goings of people and vehicles, secure your entry points, and cover blind spots whilst also flattering your property aesthetics can be extremely challenging. As an SSAIB accredited company, our expert Security Engineers collaborate with you to design and install a CCTV system that meets all those needs at an affordable cost.

Our services include:

CCTV Surrey | Bespoke System Design 

In compliance with BS EN 62676-4 and SSAIB Codes of Practice, we will attend your property to perform a free no-obligation security survey to determine your security requirements and the purpose of the system. This enables us to provide you with a comprehensive System Design Proposal unique to your needs and property layout. Our System design will detail camera specifications, locations, recording equipment, the method of recording and retrieving videos, and the correct monitors to display the recommended object sizes.


Camera Choices

There are various camera models offered in today’s market, from classic bullet cameras, sophisticated turrets, smart domes, advanced 360 cameras, fisheyes, and many more. Deciding which ones to choose to complete your security system can be puzzling. At OC Services our knowledgeable team will help you select the perfect cameras to suit your system and complement your property.


Trusted by HikVision to install their innovative camera technology, all our cameras are designed for internal and external use and have the highest environmental rating of IP66 or IP67 against water and dust ingress.


Whether you choose an I.P or Analogue CCTV System, it is fundamental that images captured during the night are not affected by the low-light conditions. At OC Services all our cameras come fully equipped with powered-by-DarkFighter technology which use monochrome infrared to ensure that image quality is not hindered during night-time recording.


An alternative would be Hikvision’s ColorVu range, which use white light technology to produce a colour image, allowing easier identification of people and objects by colour such as vehicles. The progressive technology creates the perfect CCTV upgrade to a system where this additional feature would be a benefit.

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Video Doorbells

Video Doorbells are a convenient method of allowing you to see what is happening outside your front door. With instant notifications when the motion sensors are triggered or the doorbell is pressed, you are instantly alerted to visitors and deliveries and can communicate without having to answer your door. The connected smartphone applications provide customisable motion settings, night vision, live view and two-way talk enabling you to stay connected with your property as long as your home has the necessary wi-fi and your phone has signal.


At OC Services we supply, install, and configure cutting-edge video doorbell solutions to our customers across Surrey. The most popular choices are:


  • HikVision IP Villa Door Station: which can fully integrate with your CCTV System to give you full control of your buildings security. The 2mp camera is located inside a surface mounted, single button hardwired unit and boasts noise suppression and echo cancellation. It is connected to your Wi-Fi to link to your existing CCTV System and/or the free HikConnect application, where your footage is stored giving you the option to share and save. This unit can be used as a stand-alone video doorbell or can be configured into a door entry solution, enabling you to permit access to your visitors without the need of answering the door.

  • Ring Video Doorbell: This single button unit has a built-in rechargeable battery and is connected to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The doorbell can be monitored on your smartphone or tablet using the free Ring app. Ring also offer the option of reviewing, saving and sharing your videos through their cloud subscription service Ring Protect.

CCTV Monitoring

Self-monitor your CCTV System

After every installation, our team will train up to four key personnel on how to fully use the system, enabling your staff to monitor the cameras from the comfort of your premises. Our outstanding aftercare and 24-hour support mean that we are on hand to assist with system use, faults, and errors should a problem arise. 

Your recording equipment can also connect via broadband to the HikConnect app which will enable you to remotely monitor your system from your smart phone, tablet or computer meaning that you can view your system even when you are away.

Please note: This system is provided ‘Free of Charge’ by HikVision Ltd. Its operation is independent to the services provided by OC Services and therefore we can take no responsibility or offer guarantees on the system performance, ‘downtime’ on their service or notification failures.

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Remote monitoring

Remotely monitor your CCTV System with or without police response. A transmitting device creates a link between your property and an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), when a motion event is activated, a signal is sent to the ARC who will view the frames to determine the activity. If an attempted break into the premises is being made, where the event is referred to will depend upon the monitoring contract you hold. It will either be referred to the relevant police force (for monitoring with police response) and/or keyholder (for monitoring without police response) giving all details of the events seen. The ARC will stay on the line if requested to enable updates to be passed to the persons responding.

CCTV Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance of your system is important to ensure continued optimum operational performance. It is good practice that a certified/accredited company conducts maintenance of a CCTV system a minimum of once per year. Contact us today to arrange your annual maintenance.


Please note that for remote monitored CCTV systems it is a requirement that a full service of your CCTV system be completed every six months for systems monitored with Police Response and annually for Monitoring without Police Response (depending on the size of the system).



At OC Services we maintain CCTV systems across Surrey and our neighbouring counties. In addition to the annual visit, we can attend on a month or an emergency basis to ensure that your CCTV system is always kept operational. Regular maintenance helps to:

  • Reduce system failures
  • Make equipment last longer
  • Identify cameras that have been knocked, moved, or adjusted
  • Check cabling and groundworks
  • Identify minor faults
  • Save system costs


As with any electronic system, there may be times when faults occur due to damage, power surges, storms, or misuse. Our Security Engineers are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any CCTV Emergencies.


Self-maintain your CCTV System

There are also a handful of simple checks and maintenance tasks you can conduct at home to keep your system in a healthy condition. We provide each of our customers with a handy maintenance checklist for you to ensure that your system remains operational. The measure of maintenance that your cameras require is dependent on numerous factors, such as their location. As a rule, we recommend that you check your cameras at least once a month to ensure they are functioning correctly and keeping your property secure. Contact us to request a maintenance checklist.

Problem with a CCTV System that was fitted by another company?


Experiencing an issue or fault with your existing CCTV System? At OC Services our engineers are trained to the highest standards and can service and repair a wide range of CCTV and Visual Surveillance products, regardless of who installed it.


We can also take over and maintain your Security System to ensure its continued operation and compliance to the current standards. Contact us today to arrange your visit.

CCTV System Compliance

The Data Protection Act (2018) and UK General Data Protection Regulations (2016) relates to all types of CCTV systems and is enforceable where any form of CCTV obtains, records, or stores personal data in the form of video images. If you have a CCTV System in place you must comply with these requirements, including registering with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). At OC Services we will advise you of these responsibilities and assist you to meet them in any way we can. We even provide a GDPR compliant warning sign with every CCTV installation, free of charge.

Shield your business with an Access Control Security System by arranging your free no obligation survey on 01483 600464

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