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The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022 come into force on 1st October 2022, every property is expected to be compliant with the regulations from that date. However, some properties such as Homes in Multiple Occupation (e.g. B&B’s) are exempt from some parts of the regulations, because they fall under existing legislation (e.g. Housing Act 2004) which already impose similar obligations. 

For domestic properties the regulations do not require a professional installation, however they do specify the exact heights, distances from walls, light fittings, escape doors, ceiling types, ceiling apexes and slopes etc. Understanding exactly what is required of you to meet these new conditions can be tricky and if you get it wrong you could face a £5,000 fine. 

At OC Services we take the worry out of the installation ensuring you comply to the regulations straight away, we offer free system design and will work with you to find the detector that suits you best. Call us today to arrange your free survey.

Smoke Alarm Detectors

The regulations require smoke detectors to be installed on every level of a property, for instance a downstairs hallway and upstairs landing. At OC Services all of our smoke detectors are compliant to the British Standard BS 5839-6, we have a range of hardwired, and sealed-for-life battery powered detectors to suit the needs of you and your property. 

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The new regulations state that Carbon Monoxide Detectors need to be situated in all rooms that have appliances using solid fuels such as coal, wood, oil, and gas (item examples given are boilers, water heaters, furnace, tumble dryer, fireplace, stove, portable heaters, cars, BBQ, blocked vents / chimney). At OC Services all of our Carbon Monoxide Alarms are compliant with British Standards BS 50291, we have a selection of hardwired, and sealed-for-life battery powered detectors available.

Specialist Alarms

We have a range of specialist smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that alert by vibration or flashing lights (as opposed to by sound alerts). These alarms are the perfect choice for the deaf community as well as those who are hard of hearing.

Regulations state that all building owners must consider their duties under the Equality Act 2010 when selecting the type of alarm. We will work with you to pick the perfect choice for your property.

Get notified of any disturbance in your property by installing a Intruder Alarm System. Contact us today to find out more.

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